Tragedy struck several weeks ago with the Woolsey Fires in California USA. As people finally return to their homes, there is a sense of overwhelming sadness for the loss and devastation, but also gratitude for all the support and well wishes. Communities have come together. But even still, there are some emotions that some people may struggle to cope with. Anger, desolation, sorrow, shock and fear, the American Psychological Association has these tips to offer.

1.)  Talk

a.    Talk about your concerns and emotions with people who care about you and will listen.

2.)  Balance

a.    Oftentimes, when something horrendous occurs, we get sucked into a negative perspective. Remind yourself of meaning and powerful positive events in your life.

3.)  Take A Break

a.    Turn off the tv, put down the phone, magazine and other forms of news that, while it helps you stay informed, may be causing you more stress than you realize. The images you may see could be reawakening your distress. So, take a break and do something that you enjoy.

4.)  Honor Your Feelings

a.    You may have an assortment of emotions from exhaustion and soreness. That is all right. Take time for yourself.

5.)  Self-Care

a.    Engage yourself in healthy behaviors, maybe even reestablish a routine or make one. Eat healthy, sleep plenty and exercise. Alcohol and drugs will only intensify your repressed emotions, so please avoid those.

i.    Help

1.    Help in the community. Not only will it make someone else’s day, it will also make you feel better as well.

ii.    Grief

1.    Grief is a long process, with many ups and downs, so give yourself time, as long as you need, to experience your feelings.