Drug overdoses are so devastating to not only the families but the people who are trying to save their lives. Which is why many overdose reversal medicines are out there today like Narcan and Evzio. No one wants to see anyone die.

Luckily there are some great resources out there to aid in rehabilitation like Substance Abuse clinics, and life saving over dose reversal drugs.

Unfortunately, that also means the cost of life saving drugs has changed. The increase of Evzio, sold by Kaleo, has cost Medicare and Medicaid Health programs more than $142 million since 2014. This privately based drug company has increased Evzio more than 600% from $575.00 to $4,100.00 encouraging doctors to complete necessary paperwork, deeming this life saving dug as medically necessary to bypass another drug which is significantly less.

Senator Rob Portman a Republican of Ohio stated – “The fact that one company dramatically raised the price of its naloxone drug and cost taxpayers’ tens of millions of dollars in increased drug costs, all during a national opioid crisis, is simply outrageous.”

But the drug company, Kaleo, defended its price hike by saying it has yet to turn a profit. However, Naloxone which has been available since the 1970’s, has been in great demand. The lifesaving kit sold by Adapt Pharma goes wholesale for $125.00. Drug overdoses kill more people a year than motor vehicle crashes. It breaks my heart that so many people get opioid addicted.

To combat the opioid crisis, there are many resources available like Substance Abuse clinics that can assist in detoxification, rehabilitation and give tools to the user to help him/her not relapse. There is health insurance where a person can use the Substance Abuse benefits on the policy to receive care at a lesser expense depending on the policy the person has. And then there is Medical/Substance Abuse/Mental Health billing, like here at Inner Circle where we take each and every patient’s care plan personally to get the person the highest quality of care available. We want to see each and every person succeed and beat this crisis in our nation. In order to do that, we insist, from the time the patient is admitted to discharge that Inner Circle Billing is involved.

We are a unique company in of that we truly care about our clients. We can defeat this crisis together, by educating, healthy involvement and by showing compassion.