Inner Circle Billing is a proud California based – Mental Health and Substance Abuse – billing company. We love our Golden State, all 164 thousand square miles, from the shores of the Pacific to the sands of Death Valley. Naturally, we take anything that happens in our state to heart. And even more so with anything effecting the outcome of its citizens.

As of the first of the year, four new laws have been signed into effect by our former governor, Jerry Brown. These new laws are steps in the right direction; especially for those suffering from opioid abuse. Regulation of addiction management has been very minimal due to the way some facilities implement treatment programs.

With these new laws, education will be provided to doctors to gain further knowledge regarding opioids. Prescription bottles will now have warnings regarding possible overdoses and death; youth athletic programs will teach students and parents about opioid use risks.

One of the first new laws is patient-brokering is now forbidden. In other words, facilities can no longer pay their patients to stay at specific treatment centers so insurance companies can be billed. This benefits the patient as now they can receive full comprehensive treatment for addiction issues, instead of the facility acting like they are helping.

A patient’s medical needs will be an utmost priority over a treatment facilities profit. To aid in making this a realization, financial relationships will be made public knowledge between centers and sober living homes.