Being a third-party biller has enormous benefits to aid our facilities. Not only does Inner Circle Billing get tasks accomplished efficiently, and quickly, we are able to maximize results, and payments to our facilities. This is a great quality for facilities, as some health insurance companies like to take their sweet time in getting claims, and payments processed, with sometimes the payment being sent to the patient.

Health insurance companies, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, cannot deny people based on pre-existing issues. Unfortunately, with high deductibles and out of pocket maximums, it makes it harder on the patient to get treatment while also delaying reimbursements to facilities, as insurances seek new ways to cut monies they have to pay out.

Assignment of benefits, often abbreviated as AOB is when the patient is asking permission to take their benefits, and have the facility/doctor paid directly for services rendered, and have that money applied to services owed. Having an AOB can help alleviate some of the pressure of getting facilities paid. Again, health insurance companies can deny facilities this assignment of benefit, and send reimbursements directly to the patient.

Inner Circle Billing, a woman owned, and operated team, fights for our facilities to get paid directly. We call on outstanding claims weekly, keeping the facility informed on what is happening. Being a third party biller affords us to give exceptional quality care, over quantity. Inner Circle gets tasks completed in a coordinated, timely manner while maximizing results for our facilities.