E-cigarettes have been popular for the last several years with the conclusion that they are safer than actual cigarettes. Which is true if done properly. With less chemicals and the vapor being clean, meaning not second hand smoke, it is easy to see that this new way to smoke is popular. However, with the new availabilities to these e-cigarettes, new ways to get high have arisen.

A new trend, described as “dripping” is when a liquid directly onto the hot coal end of a vaping pen. This produces a great cloud of flavorful smoke and a more significant high. This is particularly dangerous as more harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde are released into the air. With the rising availability of THC from marijuana, this is a concerning trend.

This makes combating substance abuse and mental health treatment all the more difficult. With new trends like dripping or using synthetic products such as bath salts, it is hard to be able to keep up and make others aware of how harmful this can be. Which is why Inner Circle Billing Inc is proud to say, we keep in constant connection with our facilities to give them the best possible tools and services to help those suffering at the hands of abuse.

Inner Circle Billing Inc, understands the powerful connection addicts have and want nothing but the best for them to thrive and succeed.