Here at Inner Circle Billing, our hearts are shattered to hear about this scandal. We firmly believe Behavioral Health services should be available to all, given to all as part of the Medical Necessity it was deemed to be almost 11 years ago.

Recently, a California judge ruled that the giant insurance company known as United Healthcare (UHC), discriminated against people with Mental Health and Substance Abuse disorders to save money.

In his 106-page report, the judge ruled that United Healthcare used incentives to curb access to Behavioral Health care. One woman said that her son who was struggling continually with substance abuse issues, died after being forced to leave treatment. Even after the ruling, UHC maintained that it had not failed to provide proper care.

This ruling is a monumental win for it addresses the differences between Medical treatment covered for illnesses like diabetes or asthma compared to behavioral health. Where it should be the same across the board, companies have continued to deny claims, based on claiming that the patient no longer needs it or is “free” from the illness.

The judge is expected to reach a final decision in the coming months.

Inner Circle Billing looks forward to this decision. We want every person who is struggling with a form of behavioral health issue to get the care they properly deserve. We want everyone to succeed. The only way to get that, is to fight for equality with health insurance companies to regulate and maintain effective care being provided.