Memorial Day – to remember the sacrifices of the fallen with grateful hearts. To most, this means a holiday, and a break from the case of the Monday’s. To Veterans, it is much more. Remembering those who died, who gave their very best to save not only America, but their friends. Military persons sacrificed to the highest for loved ones back home, for our freedoms, so our rights could not be infringed upon, but also to give other countries peace, prosperity, and the human rights others deserve. They are the toughest, both mentally and physically, striving always, to make every day have meaning.

The military’s sacrifices do not, and shall ever go unnoticed here at Inner Circle Billing. We honor our Vets, working with facilities to get them the care that is most often overlooked by society. We hold these troops to the highest honor, never expecting for them to falter because of their amazing, and uncanny abilities far exceeding our own. However, they need love, care, and attention that we cannot even fathom.

PTSD standing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly seen in war Veteran’s, as having horrific flash-back memories of events that took place that they believe is currently happening. This disorder effects sleeping habits, social life, feeling on guard, emotionally cut off, and irritability with sudden outbursts. Dealing with something like this can cause a person to seek illegal substances because they might feel out of control, and the only way to gain it back is to use.

“I wish people could understand that the brain is the most important organ of our body. Just because you can’t see mental illness like you can see a broken bone, doesn’t mean it’s not as detrimental or devastating to a family or an individual.” – Demi Lovato

11 to 20 out of every 100 troops who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom will have PTSD. Getting the correct mental health treatment is vital. Prolonging the suffering will not make it end. Hoping the memories will recede, will not make it just go away. Inner Circle Billing is here to help. Our trained staff will coordinate with facilities, VA benefits, and more to get the treatment you rightly deserve.

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Inner Circle Billing wants to make aware the importance of seeking treatment. We work closely with facilities to ensure the peak standard of care is routinely bestowed to patients. Their success is everything to us.

Please have a safe and responsible weekend.

Thank you, to those who served, died and are serving, our hearts go out to you.

If you need immediate help, please call the Veterans Crisis Line at – 1-800-273-8255