Inner Circle Billing loves to sponsor those who truly make a positive difference in the community where we are locally based in California. The Benchwarmers do just that. The joy they bring to the youth is admirable.

The Benchwarmers – not the movie – have been changing lives everyday for the past 67 years and more! Founded in 1952, they began helping student participate in school athletics, which the student may not have been able to, due to hardships. The money they raise goes to more than athletics, but also academics, maintenance of equipment, transportation and tickets to events.

With the financial cutbacks to schools, The Benchwarmers mission is all the more imperative to keep students healthy and thriving. With 100% of all proceeds going to the students, the organization volunteers their time, their knowledge and heart to the youth in the schools they service.


The Benchwarmers began their journey in the living room of a football coach. The coaches wanted to promote interest in sports but also assist in the development of boys athletically but also academically and socially. They wanted to guide and supervise, counsel and give recognition to the boys for their positive development on and off the sports field.

Due to the new local laws of California, including but not limited to Proposition 13 which reduced school funding and Title 9, leveling the playing field for all students. The Benchwarmers had to adjust accordingly, making sure these changes still would benefit the students of the Redlands School District.

Inner Circle Billing loves to help these students thrive. As a local California business, with children of our own, we want to see students of all ages, succeed and follow their dreams.

Click this link to see what The Benchwarmers are all about Redlands Benchwarmers