Back to school can be a fun time for kids but it can also be scary. From the school doors opening to closing in the afternoon, the day is not only filled with learning but times where kids can socialize. From backpacks to new clothes, favorite teachers and subjects, school is fun for most. However, for roughly 1/5 of teens from ages 13-18, school can be a taxing situation. While kids gear up to learn, here are some helpful tips to watch for in mental health in teens.

Being nervous for the first day, even the first week as teens get situated in their rooms is to be expected for most. Prolonged uneasiness, combined with appetite loss, insomnia, frequent stomach aches are warning signs to be watched for that can lead to depression, acute stress and anxiety disorders. If your teen is constantly asking for reassurance like: “Will my friends like my new style? What if we are not together with the same teacher?” are signs of anxiety. If your teen is concerned about school outings, instead, help them work through their uneasiness by giving them small steps to take to approach their worries instead of avoiding and reinforcing long-term anxiety.

Another great tip is to minimize the amount of time your teens eyes are raptured to a device. With all of the advances in technology, there is still a serious amount of cyber bulling and body shaming. Teens will often keep to themselves, embarrassed and ashamed of how someone made them feel. Keep communications open with them and give thought to picking a day of the week, to distance yourself from phones, tablets, kindles, etc.

And a final tip, take time for yourself, to regenerate and feel centered. Self-care is about being aware of how you are feeling. What your body is trying to tell you what it needs to feel optimum. From reading a good book to watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix, take time to let your brain and body unwind from stresses of the day and week.

Inner Circle Billing understands the stress teens have which is why we cooperate with facilities specializing in teen treatment for mental health disorders, getting the teen back on track in a healthy way by giving them tools they need to have confidence and thrive.