California is implementing new laws come 2020 to curb the destruction that opioid use causes. It has been estimated that 2,000 people die a year in California alone from substance abuse overdoses. As a California based billing company that specializes in behavioral health, we are excited to see these laws passed to help curb the opioid access and use.

Former California Governor, Jerry Brown signed a few bills to tackle the growing problem. Two of which is regarding prescription fraud. Come 2022, doctors will be required to write prescriptions using an electronic system.

Another bill regarding prescriptions is starting in 2020. The Department of Justice has now limited the prescription pad vendors and now requires them to use a serial number. The reasoning is that it will aid law enforcement track lost, stolen and counterfeit prescription pads to curb access to substances.

Even Drug Medi-Cal Treatment Program is getting updated starting July of 2020. The Department of Health Care Services will update reimbursements but also plans on adopting new regulations.

The overdose drug known as Naloxone that curbs the effects of substances like heroine, received some revamping as well. Doctors will now be required to offer Naloxone to their patients that have been prescribed opioids and education on how to use it. Law enforcement that have been trained on how to give Naloxone will now have an easier time in getting access to it from Pharmacists.

More than 20 bills that Former Governor Jerry Brown put forth, only 14 got signed into effect. With the rising crisis that opioids are causing, it is hopeful that these new laws will curb the access to these horrific drugs.