Google launched a new incredible website called “Recover Together” where it assembles all means for addiction recovery. Previously, when the site launched, it encountered problems where numerous ads and scams were targeting users. Google brought the smack down, completely revamping the cite and banning those ads and scams. Now, this newly launched website is simplified, only allowing basic information about a certain facility, or place of recovery, along with places that offer over the counter Naloxone (a drug used to counter an opioid overdose). This site only permits trusted links to sources in hopes of eliminating confusion. — click here — to check out the webpage!

Also, United Healthcare implemented a free app for both Apple and Android, that allows patients to check their benefits while also comparing the pricing of costs for those services. United Healthcare is reviewing their dashboard functions and hope to add to it to make it more mainstream by including claims data, wellness programs, and remote patient monitoring. These new advances have employers who offer United Healthcare to employees, make these kinds of virtual tools a priority for 2020.

2020 is bringing a lot of changes to the healthcare world, but to the app world as well. Lots of health insurances, from Cigna to Regence Blue Cross offer free apps for both Apple and Android. Inside the apps have information to help find a provider for in and out of network, deductibles, out of pocket maximums and more. Getting to know your insurance and what they provide is crucial so there are no unexpected amounts. And with the apps, finding a provider that fits your needs is the most rewarding part. With many doctors, and facilities to choose from, with tools at your fingertips, discovering the right one is just a click away.

Inner Circle Billing explains insurances and how they work to our facilities to get their maximum reimbursement for services provided, eliminating as much of the cost to the patient as possible. We are proud to work with the substance abuse and mental health facilities and doctor’s offices in getting patients to thrive.