New laws are taking effect this year for California while others are on the list to be voted upon. Below are some of the documented changes to California’s already long list of laws.

AB 290 limits the ability of providers to pay health care insurance premiums directly or by a non-profit. Originally intended toward kidney dialysis, this particular bill criminalizes activity related to behavioral health patient funding for healthcare coverage.

Starting January 1st of 2020, law AB919 restricts behavioral health providers offering services like housing and transportation. This law requires outpatient practices that offer these services to provide separate contracts to patients and make them liable for housing. Part B of this same law limits discounted housing, including requiring persons to enter into a repayment program; and transportation services like car and air by limiting the travel to less than 125 miles for ground or if by plane, requiring a return ticket for one year following the person’s discharge from treatment. With this new law, DHCS will be establishing an enforcement program to which violators will be suspended or revoked.

Medi-Cal got revamped as well with the coming of 2020. The new, Young Adult Expansion, allows young adults under the age of 26 to be on Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status while the rules of income still apply.

Along with these new changes, mandatory health coverage is another for Californians. What was eliminated in the Trump Administration, like the penalty for not having health coverage, got brought back. However, the bright side is penalties will not take place until 2021.