May is Mental Health Awareness month. This year’s theme is – Be Kind To Your Mind. During these stressful and historic times, it is imperative to be kind and good to yourself; and to remember to reach out to someone or a mental health facility if you feel treatment is needed.

While the world rushes around to isolate and stop the spread of Covid-19, most often times, others forget about those with mental health issues. Jobless reaching over 14% and self-isolation have now people reporting more anxiety and depression.

Listed below are some tips to help cope with these feelings:

  • Focus on what you CAN control – we cannot control the economy or how people do social distancing but what CAN be controlled is what you do. Have a routine in place, and small goals or accomplishments around the home like making the bed, reading a book or even starting a garden.


  • Avoid sources of anxiety or stress triggers – social media is huge for getting in touch but it is also a source of negative information. Keep minimal contact with social media to reduce these emotions.


  • Take care of your mind and body – healthy eating, sleep and exercise is important to maintain. There are at home workouts to do that are about 20 minutes in duration. Even the minimal activity will release hormones into the brain to help you feel better.


  • Keep being social – even with this lock-down in place in some states, we can remain social by meeting on video chats like Zoom or Google Meets. Writing letters, sending pictures and making phone calls is a great way to keep in contact and help reduce the feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation.


  • Self-care – even though we are in our homes, it is still important to take a break and get in some ‘me-time’. Do something you truly love: read a book, bubble bath, yoga, etc, are all great ways to do something for you.


Even though the US and parts of the world are self-isolating, facilities to help with mental health remain open. Do not wait until you feel alone and out of control, reach out to someone today.

Inner Circle Billing is proudly helping facilities and doctor’s office during this time to provide excellent services to our clients; so, in return, they can serve YOU better with the most accurate resources available.