2021 is 6 short months away. It also means the new health care insurance changes will be quickly approaching as well. This year in particular with the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic and financial shortfalls makes the outlines for next year’s coverage a touch trickier.

On one hand, the cost for hospitalizations has increased due to Covid-19 but the cost for other health care services has considerably decreased. With the unpredictability which Covid-19 brings, this pandemic could raise the commercial market prices considerably for insurance coverage.

It has been predicted that the commercial insurance prices will increase considerably from anywhere to 4-40% to make up for the billions of dollars in deficit the government will have due to making Covid-19 testing and treatment available at no cost to the American peoples. Health care plans across the board are attempting to cover their losses this year from the pandemic but also predict coverage for the following year. Increases in insurance will happen. It’s just a question of how much.

The projected insurance increase will push employers to raise the cost of insurance for their employees forcing their workers to choose whether or not to carry over the insurance or drop it altogether. With the continuing loss of jobs, people are then forced to choose to carry the plan they from being employed, drop it for another plan or withgo altogether.

For example – a NY Bronze non-subsidized plan is roughly $550.00 a month for a single person. With the projected increases, the plan will rise 20-40% making the new cost anywhere between $660-$770.00 a month.

The uncertainty which Covid-19 brings could increase the prices for mental health, substance abuse, telemedicine along with the availability for treatment, vaccines, and access to healthcare.