Insurance changes come 2021 are on a lot of people’s minds. We are in angst waiting to see what will increase for premiums, prescriptions and overall benefits. While some changes will implement come the new year, some may take effect as soon as next month.

Some of the changes being considered in 2021 are an overall wider access to – telehealth benefits – where a patient can speak with their care physician or mental health provider virtually while also enhancing mental health support. With numerous citizens being secluded in their homes during this pandemic, policy holders have been asking to receive more virtual visits to healthcare and mental health. This change is expected to grow by at least 32% in 2021, increasing the benefit range for telehealth beyond the Coronavirus era.

Another recent change to healthcare is in the prescription drugs department brought on by President Donald Trump. An executive order signed in July 2020 will significantly lower costs for insulin and epinephrine (epi-pens). The president furthered this executive order stating that patients on Medicare Part B will pay no more for their costly shares for prescription drugs. This order will take effect in 30 days unless Congress acts against it.

Finally, another change being brought on in August 2020 rather than the new year is the SAMHSA Final Rules regarding a patient’s substance abuse records. These new final rules allow the sharing of patient information on a Non-Part 2 provider with the extensive restrictions against redisclosure of information. This rule will tighten the electronic sharing by tracking who accesses patient information. These changes were brought forth due to individuals not knowing their specific care provider nor how their care was coordinated. Allowing shared patient information with patient consent will help Substance Abuse treatment facilities to understand the patient and their need for care while simultaneously safekeeping their information and restrictions for sharing it.