With everyone continuing to social distance and COVID still on everyone’s mind, an interesting study into the effectiveness of telehealth has recently been released regarding Mental Health, Substance Abuse and in general: addiction treatment.

Three key factors in this study are – 1.) the demand for specialists in behavioral health far outweigh the availability. 2.) telehealth could expand to 53 million Americans. 3.) $2.4 billion annually could be saved by a 1% increase in telehealth availability.

Already experts have a clear anticipated need for behavioral health specialist for the telehealth jobs, increasing by at least a quarter million. Telehealth was on the back burner of a lot of health insurance options pre-pandemic, but now, it is a huge need most are using – especially the younger generation for one-on-one counselling and group therapy.

With the rising increase of the need for behavioral health experts, one study found that by 2025, there would be a professional shortage of 250,000. Covid-19 has stripped many of their jobs, healthcare, homes, and more. More people are seeking ways to cope with the surge of emotions like depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and fear. Telehealth – once on the back burner became the over-all pioneering lifesaving answer to those seeking treatment.

With the abrupt change to people using telehealth, it is now hoping to expand exponentially with a clear foundation of payment schedules to payors.