August 31st was Overdose Awareness Day. First founded in Australia in 2001, it is now a global campaign to help spread awareness to overdoses. Any drug taken in excess will cause an overdose; whether it’s acetaminophen, alcohol, prescription drugs or opioids.

Overdose Awareness Day will lead into September which is National Recovery Month. This year’s tagline for the entire month is – Celebrating Connections. It has never been more important and vital to have but also harder to get due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Some ideas to help maintain connections are:

  • Telehealth – many insurance policies have extended telehealth and other related resources due to Covid-19.
  • FaceTime – it’s not the same as an in-person hug and contact, but even seeing the face of a friend or loved one will ease anxiety.
  • Group Chats – since most are still speaking remotely, establish a weekly group to check in and chat

The limbic system in the brain helps control a person’s emotions and bodily functions of “feeling good”. The reward for a person doing substances or alcohol, is this elation of pleasure the body and mind releases when drinking or using. Thus, creating a circular pattern of substance abuse to get the same emotional intensity and eventually just to feel normal.

Celebrating Connections is to aid those in recovery and those desiring to recover, a bond to help not only maintain recovery, but offer those a chance to have someone to relate to. Celebrate the people who have helped in the recovery process and maintain those same connections made even outside of recovery.

Recovery is a long, hard, everyday process to choose something that is difficult, for a life free from addiction. Inner Circle Billing is proud to service our facilities and offices aiding those in recovery.