As we wrap up National Recovery Month (September 2020), college students are heading back to the learning grind whether virtually or in person. This brings on a lot of stresses, especially this year with Covid, but more so in the heightened economic tension. And with the tension of course work, a job, money, studying and more, comes the need to socialize for some form of companionship; which for some is easier to do while drinking or using.

Alcohol is considered to be sociably acceptable for most people nowadays to chill and unwind with friends after a hard day or even a strenuous course load. It is also harder to detect a problem in others. Routinely drinking to relax or have more fun can lead to other serious forms of addiction. Alcohol is also found to be more prominent in fraternities and sororities of the Greek letters; because of the familial aspect these tend to have to create a bonding type infrastructure than it would be outside the Greek letters.

Even when not socializing in some form, comes other ways for college students to use and even abuse drugs. For example, Adderall. Dubbed the “study drug” most college students will use this to stay awake for a few more hours of studying for a final and meet academic requirements; whether from a form of self-expectations or those of a familial standing. Adderall will raise a body’s temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. This drug can also lead to lethargy, depression, paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety, tremors, weight loss and more. Increased use or even prolonged use can lead to seizures or death at the most extreme.

Other moments, it is sheer curiosity. College is deemed where most find their inner self and passions for the greater world beyond the textbook. During this exploration it is not uncommon to lean toward the substance abuse aspect due to that curiosity or peer-pressure. And now with marijuana being legal in most states, more college students are using the leaf far beyond that of alcohol.

Inner Circle Billing wishes all college bound students a happy year back and also to stay healthy. For those suffering with addiction or the choice to get a sober life, we implore you to take the leap and seek help. Stay safe. Stay healthy.