Even though holidays are a touch different for 2020 than years past, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of stress, depression or other mental health issues which are triggered by the festivities. And now with the pandemic, there is the added stressors of worrying or feeling anxious about family members health and care.

Inner Circle Billing and staff have worked together to comprise a list of tips to help ease the stress and anxiety. As always, if you feel overwhelmed or need help, please reach out to your primary care or someone close whom you trust.

  • Accept Your Feelings – if you cannot be with someone due to the pandemic, or someone has died, it is okay to feel sorrow or grief. Just because it’s ‘Tis The Season To Be Merry, doesn’t mean you have to be as well. It’s okay to feel all the feelings. Take a moment to talk to someone and work through it all. Give a call or video chat, seek online groups or even calling your primary care physician.


  • Reach Out For Help – if you feel absolutely overwhelmed reach out to a friend, church, online support groups. Even volunteering to take a meal to someone may raise your spirits and result in a new friendship.
    1. And though your efforts may be valiant, sometimes shaking the feelings is hard. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Since the pandemic there the option on most insurance plans for – telehealth: a one-on-one video session with a doctor. Please reach out when you’re overwhelmed.


  • Set A Budget & Plan Ahead – before you go out to Deck The Halls in gifts and holiday lights, set a budget on what is appropriate for each member of the family. Don’t go into debt to make the holiday perfect or to make someone happy.
    1. Set aside certain times during the coming days for cooking, baking, cleaning, etc. Tackle one thing at a time, at your pace, not the pace of others. Not everything has to get completed in one day, we are humans not octopuses.


  • Freeze! – take a moment for self-care. Go for a walk, watch your favorite movie, put on some music and dance your Jingle Bells Take a moment just for you. Or set aside a time during the day solely for your enjoyment and winding down.
    1. Along these same lines: learn to say no. Just because someone is your friend, family member or neighbor doesn’t mean you have to always be there to help them or get them something they ask for. It’s okay to say no. And saying no is a part of healthy self-care.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Inner Circle Billing and staff wish you all a very peaceful holiday season. Take care and stay safe.