September is the month where many kids across the United States head back to school. September also hosts the first day of fall on the 22nd, Labor Day, the International Day of Peace and other holidays as well. What most don’t know, September is also National Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month.

This years theme for National Recovery Month is – Recovery is for Everyone – where recovery from substances in all forms is possible.

Recovery for anyone is possible. We here at Inner Circle have put together a little information to help those who are actively looking for treatment or who are looking ways to keep sober.

  • APPS – here are some apps to help keep up sobriety:
    • Pear reSET
    • Sober Grid
    • Nomo – Sobriety Clock
    • Sober Tool
    • WEconnect
    • rTribe
    • Yonder – for being active
    • PTSD Coach
  • COMMUNITY – there is an old saying which goes – it takes a village to raise a child – has another meaning as well. It takes a community to help. Get active in the community by helping out to keep busy.
  • FACILITIES – reach out to a local substance abuse or mental health rehabilitation facility for help. These facilities, most often licensed within their state and government accredited by the Joint Commission.
  • GROUPS – find a local Al-Anon group or otherwise to share emotions and struggles. Recovery is no straight line, it’s a jagged mountain everyone needs help to climb.

TELEHEALTH – because of the Covid-19 pandemic, telehealth through insurance companies is available at little to no cost or free. Telehealth allows a person to communicate to a doctor remotely and receive care.

Wherever the stage in recovery, take a moment to celebrate. You did it! You’re doing it! Recovery is possible. Behavioral health is essential to maintaining a healthy life. Keep up the excellent work!