Changes abound this year in 2022. Even more significantly for the Affordable Care Act, making thousands of people relatively thrilled.

The first change is: longer enrollment time – there are now 11 weeks to sign up or make changes to the current coverage. Some states are even offering longer enrollment periods like New York, California and Rhode Island. The enrollment period is from November 1 to January 15 or 31 depending on your state. Short Term plans are still being offered varying also by state.

Secondly: more plans with lower premiums – insurance companies are offering more varying coverages with lower premiums depending on the type of plan. From a CMS report, it was noted that some plans were at a 3% decrease in premiums.

Thirdly: more available subsidies – considered the most dramatic change for the year is the shift in premium subsidies across all income levels. This change made by President Biden in March 2021, meaning more may qualify for lower premiums where prior they probably haven’t. In other words, families and people, across all income levels can now more properly afford a health plan where they may not have before. As an example: a family of 4, making roughly $131K a year would have $1,064.00 for a premium monthly payment for a bronze plan, are now finding it literally cut in half and are paying $561.00

Another change is: more state-run marketplaces – not every state opts in to participate in the federal exchange of healthcare. Most are state run meaning the state offers it’s people healthcare selections and coverages. Open enrollment also varies by state.

Lastly: more helpful enrollment – programs to help fund navigators, or people who help others navigate through the stressful and often complex enrollment period, have been more aptly funded. These navigators are often funded through non-profits and cannot tell a person to choose a plan as they are not an agent.

Inner Circle Billing wishes you a beautiful and healthy start to your new year!